Diatribes/Curado/Viegas - Travessia.....

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Diatribes/Curado/Viegas - Travessia.....

Message  insub le Sam 5 Sep 2009 - 13:35

[b]tube'|183 - Diatribes + Curado + Viegas - Travessia dos Respigadores[/b]

"free improv/free jazz/electroacoustic"

[b]cyril bondi[/b]: drums, percussions
[b]d'incise[/b]: laptop, objects
[b] Paulo Curado[/b]: saxophone, flute
[b]João Pedro Viegas[/b]: bass clarinet

[quote]«A Respigador - possible english translation: Harvester - is usually the person who drives or operates the machine with the same name. A harvesting machine used to harvest wheat and other cereals from the fields. So, the title of this new collaboration work between swiss musicians Laurent Peter (a.k.a. d'incise) and Cyril Bondi - both known as Diatribes - and Paulo Curado and João Pedro Viegas (two local jazz musicians and improvisators) is about the travessia (crossover) of some respigadores. Crossing over what? And who are these respigadores and where are they going to (and coming from)?
Perhaps they are Laurent and Cyril, because respigadores are also the people that scavenge stuff that others don't want anymore, turning them into usable objects, like perhaps sound-producing objects, musical objects. Diatribes use them frequently in their albums and live performances, granting the music they make something that goes beyond human performance and instrument manipulation, musically speaking.
In its core, 'Travessia dos Respigadores' is an amazing work of the Freejazz/Experimentation kind. Of totally improvisational nature, the pieces that the four musicians cooked here, simmer together in an enormous range of textures and smells, like a good satisfying meal does. Diatribes operate laptop, found objects (d'incise) and drums (Cyril), with complete passion and mastery. The self-contained tension that Cyril operates into his set of drums is palpable, we can almost taste the sweat coming out of his forehead when he bashes violently the metal and leather of his weapon of choice.
Paulo Curado (saxophone) and João Pedro Viegas (clarinet) complete the whole setup beautifully. They are both well experimented musicians and can tap into the tension which this kind of performances operates, bringing all the chaos together, augmenting or diminishing it as they see fit.
At the best moments, 'Travessia dos Respigadores' shows off all four musicians fusing together into a single sound-delivering force. A massive force to be reckoned with. Like a giant, well balanced punch in the teeth, that will make you see the stars, the bells and the little birds flying around your head.»
[i]Pedro Leitão[/i][/quote]

[url=http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube183/tube183.zip]+download+[/url] the complet album in a zip
[url=http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube183.htm]TEST TUBE[/url] netlabel.
[url=http://www.edogm.net/mitenand/diatribes/diatribescuradoviegas-travessia-dos-respigadores]CDR VERSION[/url].


[i]music under CC by.nc.nd, copy & share it, thanks[/i]

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