ENSEMBLE RUE DU NORD live at st-gervais

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ENSEMBLE RUE DU NORD live at st-gervais

Message  insub le Mer 23 Sep 2009 - 18:29

[b][insubcdr08] ENSEMBLE RUE DU NORD live at st-gervais[/b]

:collective free improvisation:
[i]the encounter between swiss and balkan improvisors, and between acoustic and electronic[/i]

[b]Benoît Moreau[/b]: clarinet
[b]Laurent Bruttin[/b]: bass clarinet
[b]Jonas Kocher[/b]: accordion
[b]Miran Zrimsek[/b]: cello
[b]Dragos Tara[/b]: double bass
[b]John Menoud[/b]: guitar, electronics
[b]Svetlana Maras[/b]: piano
[b]Robert Roza[/b]: no-input electronics
[b]Lukatoyboy[/b]: toys, sampler, electronics
[b]David Tabachnik[/b]: sound

[url=http://www.dincise.net/insub/insubcdr08_Ensemble_Rue_du_Nord-live_at_st-gervais.zip]+download+[/url] the complet album (50min (44min 42 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 119Mo)
[url=http://www.insubordinations.net]INSUBORDINATIONS[/url] netlabel.
[url=http://www.edogm.net/mitenand/?p=217]MITENAND[/url] to order the cdr.

[quote]The Ensemble Rue du Nord's music is shimmering, noisy, subtle, nervous, free. Each musician is involved entirely in the sound, the concentration and the listening, thus taking part in collective construction of a new sound universe. The marriage between acoustic and electronic instruments offers a very rich pallet of timbres and gives to the ensemble its unique identity.
Far from the Bregovic like Balkan music stereotypes, the Ensemble Rue du Nord last project presents for the first time in Switzerland some of the most active and promising musicians of the Balkans emerging experimental scene. Since 2007, the ERN intensively collaborated with these musicians, doing concerts in Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje and Pristina within the framework of the "Swiss-Balkan Creative Music" project.
The aim of the Swiss-Balkan Creative Music Project is to developp new links between swiss and balkan musicians in the field of contemporary improvised music.The working sessions will give the musicians the possibility to explore new and fresh practices in electro-acoustic improvised music. The music is made of sonic architectures, colours and textures and moves between pure sound and abstract noise complexity.
The project is realised in 3 phases : April 2007, November 2007 and spring 2008. For the first and second phase, the Ensemble Rue du Nord is travelling and meeting different local musicians. The third phase will permit to have several concerts in different cities and mix the balkan musicians in the spirit of the « Company Weeks » by Derek Bailey. [/quote]

[i]music under CC by.nc.nd, copy & share it, thanks[/i]

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