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[b][insub31]bBLUNK 'O'bcal[/b]

[i]a duo, piano, drums, objects, metal, hits and frictions...[/i]

[b]DoM DuboisTaine[/b]: piano
[b]Tiri Carreras[/b]: drums

[url=]+download+[/url] the complet album (51 min 15 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 119Mo)
[url=]INSUBORDINATIONS[/url] netlabel.

[quote][b]bBlunk[/b] , the founding duo of the collective [b]XoNdZf[/b], is composed of pianist DoM DuboisTaine and drummer tiri Carreras.
The musicians met one evening, during an improvised music jam session organised at the Fabrica’son in Malakoff by Benjamin Duboc in 2007.
Their musical and human complicity was immediately apparent. Previously they had each participated in many musical experiences, from rock/pop to classical music and from jazz to contemporary music. Improvisation, the pleasure of experimenting with sound, the refusal of any prejudice and of any predefined school or style brought them together. As tiri says, “with DoM, I feel I’m playing the music I always dreamed of: totally free and in perpetual renewal.”
That was the starting point of a common labour in which both protagonists explore the possibilities of their instruments and of their dialogue. During sessions they talk and listen attentively in order to produce coherent and varied compositions. In this way they create small pieces, which can be erratic or dense, based on sound effects or melodious, energetic or restrained. Each one has its own unique form and universe.
‘O’bcal, bBlunk’s first album available online, offers a selection of recordings made at the “Bocal” in 2009. Around that central duet, the various groupings within the XoNdZf share a common taste for free improvisation, experimental research, and creation, always exploring their own path.[/quote]

[i]music under CC, copy & share it, thanks[/i]

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